Home Automation

Fan Select ATQ6-03

Fan timer with selectable delay and run-on times plus WiFi control; stop the fan at any time by switching the light or by Alexa voice or app commands.



Fan Select Commercial ATQ6-04

Fan timer with set delay and run-on times; stop the fan at any time by switching the light twice.



Atoko Remote Switch ATP6-01

The ATP6 remote switch adds funtionality to standard domestic lighting circuits. It's capable of switching 2200W/10A. The switching logic is controlled by an internal computer. This can be controlled by a standard mains switch, and by WiFi connections via Alexa/Echo dot. Voice control by 'Alexa' is possible without any additional WiFi link apart from that to a router.



Linked Switch

Control lights with two or more switches without them being linked with a wire. The Atoko Linked Switches automatically link together via radio signals and will synchronise so that all units will come on together and go off together.



2.4 ghz WiFi Sniffer

Wifi Sniffer - measure 2.4 ghz signals remotely - find best position for router