Wifi Sniffer - measure 2.4 ghz signals remotely - find best position for router

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How good is your WiFi signal?

You can check by connecting your phone/tablet/PC wirelessly to the WiFi Sniffer to display 2.4 ghz WiFi network signal strength and channel number received by the sniffer.  Place the sniffer at the actual position of the WiFi enabled device (such as PC, TV, camera, smart plug, Alexa) ; you can even leave the battery powered sniffer in that position while you adjust the router position in another room and check for improvement; you'll have the results in front of you as you make adjustments.

You can command a new scan once the previous scan is complete - each scan takes a few seconds - the network station names, measured signal strength (in %) , security status and channel received by the sniffer are displayed on your phone/tablet/PC.

Essential equiment for professional installlers.

Pack contents:

1 x ATU6-01

1 X PP3 Battery


+ Battery: PP3 or equivalent (included)

+ Stations with signal strengths lower than -100 dBm not shown (0 %)

+ Stations with signal strengths better than -50 dBm considered 100%

+ Must not be used where water or other liquids could get into the device.

+ Must not be used where damage, injury or losses could occur if the device failed to give correct results or failed to operate as expected.

Note: Measured Station strengths vary constantly according to radio wave traffic when the measurement is taken.  Multiple scans should be performed and the average reading used to assess suitability.  Average strength above 50% can be expected to give reliable connections.