Fan timer with set delay and run-on times; stop the fan at any time by switching the light twice.

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At last you can have complete control of the loo, bathroom or shower room extractor fan.

Using just the light switch, you can choose whether the fan runs or not.

Light Switch on: the fan starts after 45 seconds and remains on for 15 minutes after the light switch goes off … just like a fan with a run-on timer.

Unlike a standard fan, with the Fan Select you can stop the fan at any time – just make a quick on-off or off-on. You can even cancel the 45 second delay if you want the fan on immediately.

Save money on a new installation as the fan doesn't need to have a built-in run-on timer.

A self adhesive  light switch sticker "switch twice for fan control" is included with each unit.

If you are adding to an existing installation, you don't need to replace your existing switch or fan or disturb the wiring in the bathroom. Install the Fan Select in the ceiling void/loft. You can even fit the controller if your existing fan has built-in run-on; the run-on time will be the shorter of the built in time and 15 minutes.

[Note: If the fan has built-in run-on and this is set to less 15 minutes, then the fan will only run on for that length of time after the light switch is turned off. Any fan built-in delay turn-on feature should be disabled - refer to the fan manufacturers instructions for appropriate switch/jumper settings].


+ Each screw terminal accepts 2 x 1.5 mm2 wires

+ Maximum load 2200W/10A resistive

+ For indoor use only

+ Must not be used in wet areas; that is where water or other liquids could come into contact with the device.

+ Should be installed in loft space, ceiling cavity or similar where specific deliberate access to its location would be necessary.

+ Must not be used where damage, injury or losses could occur if the device failed to operate as expected.