The ATP6 remote switch adds funtionality to standard domestic lighting circuits. It's capable of switching 2200W/10A. The switching logic is controlled by an internal computer. This can be controlled by a standard mains switch, and by WiFi connections via Alexa/Echo dot. Voice control by 'Alexa' is possible without any additional WiFi link apart from that to a router.

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You can control the remote switch from anywhere in the world via the Alexa App connected to the internet. By setting up routines in the App you can have the light come on and go off when you want. You can even set it to come on at dusk, and go off when you normally go to bed - great as a burglar deterrent. When Alexa can hear you, she'll turn the light on or off when you say the word - no more fumbling for the light switch in the dark.


Add WiFi control to your lighting.


You don't need to replace your existing switches or disturb the wiring in the rooms. Install the remote switch in the ceiling void/loft. Once installed, your existing light switch will work as it did before even if WiFi signal is lost. You don't need to access the remote switch again as Wifi connections etc can be managed remotely via a smart phone/table or PC. Pairing mode is started by switching the room switch on-off-on-off etc until the light stays on.

You don't need an additional box or system (such as 'Hive'); the remote switch connect directly to Alexa via WiFi using the 'Philips Hue' protocol.

Why is it different?

Although the remote switch is based on the SonOff device and looks the same as the basic version, it's internal components and micro computer are quite different. A basic SonOff cannot respond to switched live input. That means you can’t just connect a basic Sonoff to a light switch and expect it to turn on the lights using WiFi – as it won’t have power when the switch is off.


Easy Set Up/Installation


  • >         Install as shown in diagram
  • >         Start pairing mode by switching on-off-on-off...until the light remains on
  • >         Select Atoko_xxxx WiFi on smart phone/pc/tablet
  • >         Enter WiFi details (must be 2.4GHz and the same WiFi as Alexa is connected)
  • >         Wait until remote switch is connected to the WiFi entered
  • >         In Alexa App, select "Other"
  • >         Select ChangeMe_xxxx
  • >         Select ChangeMe_xxxx to brightness 100%
  • >         Set up voice control, on/off times, routines in Alexa App




  • +         Requires Alexa or Echo Dot generation 3 and higher (not supplied)
  • +         WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz
  • +         Each screw terminal accepts 2 x 1.5 mm2 wires (flex recommended)
  • +         Maximum load 2200W/10A resistive
  • +         For indoor use only
  • +         Compatible with LED lights
  • +         Not compatible with dimmers.
  • +         Must not be used in wet areas; that is where water or other liquids could come into contact with the device.
  • +         Should be installed in loft space, ceiling cavity or similar where specific deliberate access to its location would be necessary.
  • +         Must not be used where damage, injury or losses could occur if the device failed to operate as expected.